Rent of new or used equipment

Mobile Heavy Machinery Ukraine company offers long-term and short-term, new or used machinery rental services.


Mobile Heavy Machinery is the official representative of Konecranes Lift Trucks in Ukraine, which offers new opportunities to finance the purchase of equipment!

Basic conditions:

  • Термін фінансування до 60 місяців
  • The technique of production of Konecranes is funded at all world plants
  • The amount of financing up to 85 percent from the cost of equipment
  • Payments are carried out 2 times a year
  • Main Bank Nordea

Financial conditions: 

  • Co-financing the buyer from 15 percent
  • The percentage of financing is set depending on the client from 3 to 9 percent per annum!

Financing of used equipment: 

  • In cooperation with OTP Leasing we offer financing of second-hand equipment for up to 5 years
  • For more attractive monthly payments, we offer a redemption of techniques after the lease term
  • Terms of design up to 1 month

For more detailed information, contact us, we will help with the equipment and design!

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5, Lidersovskiy blvd,

office 167, 65014

Odessa, Ukraine

67661, 2-В, Massiv 7,

v.Usatovo, Belyaevsky district,

Odessa region, Ukraine

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