TTS LNK Industries is engaged in the design and manufacture of non-standard technological equipment, conveyor and lifting systems, metal structures of various complexity. Develops comprehensive solutions for the needs of the woodworking industry, seaports and airports.

Port equipment

The company designs, manufactures and carries out installation of steel structures. Equipment for large projects such as coal terminal in Ventspils, Latvia (Baltic coal terminal), mineral fertilizer transfer terminal in Riga, Latvia (Alpha Osta), passenger and cargo terminal in the port of Klaipeda, Lithuania, Riga fertilizer terminal, Riga bulk terminal , was developed by TTS.

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5, Lidersovskiy blvd,

office 167, 65014

Odessa, Ukraine

67661, 2-В, Massiv 7,

v.Usatovo, Belyaevsky district,

Odessa region, Ukraine

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